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Cutters Studios Heather Richardson on Groundhog Day’s Big Day

 Sometimes you can smell a hit a mile off. At least that’s how it must have felt for Heather Richardson, Executive Producer at Cutters Studios in Chicago, when she saw the script for Jeep’s hilarious...


Meet Greg Kuehn, Peligro Music’s Real Live Rock Star

When Greg Kuehn isn’t busy writing music for commercials, promos, TV shows or films, he can sometimes be found ...


Roland Gauthier, Hinge

What a difference ten years can make.Back in 2009, the newly launched Hinge Digital (...


Cameron Woodward, Film Casualty

You’d think a conversation with Cameron Woodward would revolve around the latest image capture technology or a rece...


Ed Rivero, CBG United

Ed Rivero has seen just about everything in the course of his advertising career, but he confesses that nothing quite...