Simian vs Wiredrive

Our features and benefits make us the clear choice over Wiredrive for demanding production and post production professionals.

What Simian Offers

Unparalleled Reliability & Uptime

Pulling your hair out over a certain video sharing service's frequent interruptions? Simian's designed and built with reliability in mind. Our uptime is legend, and when the job, the pitch, the shot or the cut is on the line, you can depend on us to deliver.


Simian has allowed us to generate revenue for something we hadn't in the past. It's helped to streamline our workflows and has made the posting and approval process easier and more timely. I don't know how we could function day to day without Simian.

Philip Ohler, Director, Broadcast & Video, Craft Worldwide

World Class Support

Everybody has problems at times, and when you do, we're there. We pride ourselves on answering your phone calls, responding to your emails and replying to your Tweets, usually within minutes, not hours or days.


We're brand new Simian users, and we love it!

Kris Mathur, VP/EP, Backyard Productions

Get an Edge with Analytics

Our analytics tools provide you with deeper insight into how your work is being received than anything you can get from Wiredrive. With Simian you'll know when your presentation is viewed and what your client watched, empowering you to create laser-focused follow-ups and pitches. Get more detailed insight into sales activities and successes with customizable reports, too — another feature Wiredrive can't match.


Simian provides us with a modern method of instantaneous, digital communication, whether we're operating locally, nationally, or globally. It's an integral part of the way we do business on a daily basis.

JP McMahon, Executive Producer, A Common Thread

Constantly Improving

We're always making improvements to Simian, unlike Wiredrive, which rarely introduces new features or enhancements. Still independently owned and led, Simian is in touch with the industry and listens to its customers. The result is a steady stream of new features and integrations that makes Wiredrive look like it's stuck in the past.


Simian is easily the best video collaboration and presentation service available. I can easily create reels for trade shows or prospective clients, and the real-time video encoder makes uploading a breeze while ensuring optimized playback every time. The Infusion 2.0 integration with Adobe Premiere Pro is absolutely amazing, too! Simian is a MUST for anybody needing to collaborate, share and host creative work.

Brian Wright, Editor, Hawthorne

Global Infrastructure

Every Simian account is parked on its private cloud server at data centers in 15 countries, adding an extra layer of security and reliability – unlike Wiredrive, where accounts share the same server, increasing vulnerability to widespread outages.


Simian has made it possible for me to juggle home life and a successful business. It allows me to tend to my family and our clients quickly and concisely, without being tied down to an office computer or editing bay 24/7.

Bernadette Rivero, President, Cortez Brothers

File Delivery is Assured

Our fast upload speeds and rock-solid reliability means your files get into our system quickly and get to your clients and team members with certainty.


Simian lets us consolidate all of our content for reels in one place. It allows us to see fantastic analytics that show what, when and how people are viewing our work. It is a great addition to our arsenal of digital tools.

Christopher Keenan, Director of Technology, Crew Cuts

Security is Top Priority

As mentioned, your content is safe and secure, both from system failures and unauthorized users. With our configuration of data centers, security measures, permission levels, backup capabilities and monitoring, we keep watch over your digital assets, so you don't have to.


Working on a global scale, Simian allowed us to exchange content and work within our offices and clients anywhere in the world. In the end, Simian helps keep data organized in the cloud and lowered our expenses related to file sharing.

Maxime Levasseur, IT Project Manager, Sid Lee

Our Pledge

Simian provides the best video sharing and collaboration experience available. We understand your problems, needs and challenges, and provide tools that make your job easier, letting you focus on being creative. Wiredrive's focus has turned elsewhere, often leaving longstanding customers in the lurch. We'll never do that.


Simian's extensive customization options make creating and sharing our work at Gartner/The Devil You Know an absolute breeze. Its unmatched customer service has helped me build and shape complicated client requests with ease.

Daniel Ott, Vault Manager, The Devil You Know / Gartner