The Issue: Simian + Slack

Posted on December 28, 2018

Problem: Too many GD emails!

Jay Brooks, our CTO, frequently addresses ways in which Simian can help solve problems that our users face on a daily basis. Here’s one of his regular blog columns, which we like to call ‘The Problem-solver.’

Let's face it, email can be inefficient. Sifting and searching through 1000s of emails to find something specific can be tedious, especially on a large project with lots of team members. Here at Simian we all use Slack, and it’s been a great way for us to have a central location for project information. So we’ve combined Simian with Slack so you can receive all your product notifications into a custom Slack channel.

It’s super easy to install and use, just check out our Knowledge Base article. You can set up a new channel for each project in Simian and have all your notifications posted right to your Slack channel for your whole team to see, while reducing email traffic. You can select what notifications to receive on your channel, too: uploads, downloads, views, approvals, comments, new users, etc. Let’s you stay up-to-date with your project from anywhere without logging into Simian.

Problem solved!