Review & Approve better from anywhere with our updated and redesigned Projects App.

Posted July 12, 2021

Your ‘Little Friend’ – aka the new Simian Projects App – can really be a big help these days when production or post takes you out of the office. Totally redesigned to take full advantage of all the great features and updates of Simian 5, the Projects App can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

With the new Projects App you can access your videos, photos, files and documents from anywhere, making it easy to share, collaborate and present seamlessly, right from your mobile device. In addition, you can create presentations and share links to your files and folders. Uploading is easier, too, as you can now upload directly from your iPhone, iPad or your iCloud account.

The Project App lets you work smarter while you’re on the go. It provides important project notifications instantly, and lets you track your presentations with our industry-best Real Time Analytics. You can also create and manage projects and user access remotely as well.

The new Projects App is part of Simian’s ongoing effort to provide its users with tools, features and updates that lets them work faster and more efficiently – we call that working Simian Smart. Our recent series of Quick Tips videos – we’ve posted over 20 on our YouTube channel – help you make the most of what Simian 5 has to offer when it comes to generating and tracking showreels, creating killer presentations and collaborating with clients and team members seamlessly.




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