The Issue: Making Sure Content ‘Goes Away’ When it Should

Posted on December 28, 2018

Problem: Handing time-sensitive material.

Jay Brooks, our CTO, frequently addresses ways in which Simian can help solve problems that our users face on a daily basis. Here’s one of his regular blog columns, which we like to call ‘The Problem-solver.’

Often times during the content production lifecycle, you have time-sensitive material that should only be accessible for a given period, whether it’s part of a sales pitch, versions of a post production project or something else. In cases like this, the ability to set an expiration date for a presentation can be a crucial necessity.

Fortunately, Simian allows you to set an expiration date with a specific time for reels and projects, ensuring that sensitive content isn’t left lying around. When creating a presentation you can set the expiration before sending. You can even set an expiration date/time after you’ve sent a presentation, which can be especially helpful in many circumstances.

Problem solved!