Heatmaps Let You Bring the Heat to Your Showreels and Presentations


At Simian we’re always exploring ways to turn data and viewing patterns into meaningful insights. The idea is ultimately to provide scientific, data-driven, actionable tips and recommendations that help you create reel presentations that win more jobs. And this is why we introduced Heatmaps.

Creating the perfect showreel often takes time to craft, and requires a unique set of skills. More than just knowing your roster’s work inside out, you also have to understand how it matches up with the project, agency and brand you’re pitching. Getting it just right can be a challenge even for seasoned EP’s and sales reps.

Our Heatmaps can give you a real boost. An important element of Simian’s reel analytics, Heatmaps represent the timeline of a video and display which scenes were viewed and which were skipped over via a color-coded graph. Think of them like a weather map, with the hotter (red) the area, the more views the scene has had.

Reel Heatmap Analytics

Heatmaps can give EP’s and reps a visual and accurate indicator of how well a reel presentation has been received. Armed with this insight, it can help predict what an agency producer or creative might want to see more of, even before they ask — which, we’ve been told, has happened to a number of Simian clients already! Heatmaps also let you see exactly what’s been viewed, so you know when to make that perfectly timed follow-up.

Coupled with our robust reporting features, Heatmaps let you analyze which spots are performing the best over time, allowing you to cut underachieving spots from future presentations. You can even compare reel analytics between users and uncover hidden insights like time watched or average number of spots viewed per presentation, which will helps you hone in on the sweet spot for creating showreels that win.

Reel Sales Rep Stats




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