Along with the Alliance of Independent Representatives, we’re working to give reps the tools they need to win.

Posted February 22, 2022

Simian has always wanted to see our users succeed. That’s been the goal behind just about every improvement, upgrade and enhancement we’ve made since we first launched back in 2009. Working faster and more efficiently – what we call working Simian Smart – lets you focus on being creative, which is the core of what our users are doing every day.

To this end, we’ve undertaken projects like our Reel Insights study of showreel effectiveness, which provides powerful data on how your reels are being received. We’ve also pioneered Reel Reports, a quick snapshot of reel stats and metrics. Along with our impressively deep analytics, these tools help you make better, more sharply-targeted showreels.

Now we’ve got a new development in our quest to help you win more jobs: We’re proud to announce our new partnership with AIR, the Alliance of Independent Representatives (

As part of this agreement, AIR has designated Simian as its exclusive video sharing and reel building partner, with Simian becoming the preferred platform for showreels among its members.

Working together, Simian and AIR will collaborate on new features and product ideas. We’ll also hold roundtables to discuss best practices on the evolution of representation and marketing for creative talent – something we know a few things about! We’ll share data on effective showreel strategies, gleaned from our Reel Insights analyses. And of course, we’ll profile and support AIR’s initiatives and programs on our Simian Blog, via our social channels and during our regular interaction with Heads of Production on our series of roundtable forums.

In the process, we’ll be helping reps connect with their peers in meaningful ways while providing Simian with deeper insights as to what reps need to address a rapidly-changing marketplace – all of which means we’ll be able to provide even better and more competitive products for our production and post production users.

What do the folks at AIR think of this new relationship? Here’s Veronica Lombardo of VLM, Inc., president of the Alliance: “As everyone knows, asset management tools like Simian are what reps use to not only present their talent for job opportunities but also to promote and share new work. We live and die by the way it looks, by its ease of use, its analytics and overall performance. It’s likely the most important piece of technology we rely on day-to-day, so entering into this agreement with a company like Simian is a huge advantage for AIR.

And here’s what Ann Asprodites of Asprodites Reps, AIR’s vice president, added: “Having been in this business awhile, you realize that confidence comes not only from the platforms that work but also from the people behind the curtain. I was thrilled that Kellie and her team were so supportive and proactive.”

We’re deeply flattered that AIR values our input and is looking to work with us closely to make sure their members stay on the cutting edge of repping strategies. Here’s Veronica again: “Simian understands our needs, and they’re listening to the rep community to enhance the features that ultimately help the marketing process in significant ways. This benefits both our members – as well as the companies we represent – along with Simian users.”

As we’ve always believed, creative companies working for agencies and brands almost exclusively rely on independent reps to bring in the work. This holds for production houses to post studios, effects shops, animation companies and music & sound studios. As a result, all of them will benefit from advancements in tools, techniques and best practices that will result from AIR and Simian working together. It’s the proverbial win-win.




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