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Challenge / Problem

Wild Plum’s asset management needs have evolved greatly since our inception in 2007. Simian has not only kept up with our needs, but has also provided with first-of-their-kind enhancements that we didn’t know we needed, but that have now become indispensable.

As a boutique commercial house, each individual member of our team needs to wear multiple hats, so a simple, intuitive system where we are able to house all of our spots and have them available to use at any time adds incredible value in terms efficiency. initially, our goal was to be able to house all of this material for our website and specialty reels, but as time has gone on, the system has become so intuitive that any member of our team and sales reps can easily use the system and customize it, to fit their individual needs. today, our rep from new York can have 24/7 access to all of our material, be able to easily search and navigate it and create a special reel for a project to be sent to an agency in a matter of minutes, a feat that would have been impossible not so long ago.


Simian has always “gotten” what we need, sometimes before we know we need it. from day one, we’ve always seemed to be on the same page. often times, I’ll drop a suggestion to the response of ‘oh yeah, we’re working on something for that”...and they deliver so it’s not just talk. They are incredibly ahead of the curve in my mind and that’s what sets them apart from their competitors.

When we were building our initial site and backend, our goal was maximum access to our material, so everything was built around that. while the backend was still fairly straightforward and easy to use for someone who had some basic web experience, it could be intimidating for someone who did not. So as we moved forward, Simian focused on creating a user-friendly interface that any user could pick up and produce from, very quickly.


Easy to read pictures and text, intuitive drag and drop functionality, simple organization of past projects...I could go on and on. and beyond the storage and access essentials, they have incorporated data tracking that is relevant, easy to understand and is fast becoming a powerful tool in our arsenal to better understand what people are watching. in addition to these as well as website admin tools, they have developed a separate project functionality, which allows us to build custom “microsites” or keep productions organized. all of these features build off of that initial foundation...having access to all of our material at all times. no longer is website management or reel building dependent on a single user who knows the ins and outs of a complicated system. and the best part? it’s available to everyone, anywhere, any time, in real-time.


Easy Asset Management:

Working with assets in Simian is an incredibly straightforward process. uploading material is as simple as dragging and dropping a file into an upload pane.

Faster Uploads and Instant Encoding:

One of their newest features will even compress a video file for you as it uploads, so a user who may not be familiar with codecs and compressions won’t be intimidated or have to stop working to figure it out. It’s a great timesaver in its efficiency. once a file is in place, it is immediately available, it can be featured on our website, put into a special reel, placed in a project, etc.

Easy Editing:

Editing an asset is also incredibly easy. By clicking on it’s thumbnail, a dialogue window pops up with easily editable material. from changing a title, adding metadata, to updating a thumbnail with a click of a button, it is all simple and intuitive. Selecting what material to use is often a click and drag process that couldn’t be easier. need to change the order? Just drag the assets in the order you want.

In Short:

In nearly 10 years of asset management, I haven’t come across a platform that works as well as Simian. I simply could not imagine doing my job without Simian at this point.

Ben Ross - Creative Director