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Before Simian:

Before we started using Simian, there were no standard in the company which made it very difficult to track and get the approvals. We tried multiple platforms and none of them met our needs. Files management was an issue, and so was tracking. Multiple software were used by different teams such as Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.

As the company got bigger, it became obvious to us that we had to standardize our exchange practices with our clients. After many options were tested, Simian was the solution the way to go.


There are many reasons why Simian was the right choice for us. It makes the content management way easier. Its timer for auto deletion means that we don’t have to track every obsolete document. Anyone, with the right access, can share anything with their client without having to request IT help, saving us time and costs. Our needs in data-storage having increased in the past year, Simian provided us with a cost effective solution. The fact that we could also create customized portal (microsite) was a great add-on for our clients.

Simian as a Solution

We use Simian to share videos and get them approved by our clients. Since the solution is web based, the exchange is very easy and practical. Creating a new project, organizing the folder structure, uploading our material with the desktop applications, and then sharing, it’s as easy as one two three. Talking about sharing – there are multiple ways for us to share our work that can answer any client need.

Also, the support offered by any solution wasn’t a criteria when we choose Simian, but we are very pleased with the speed and the collaboration that we have when discussing the platform’s new features.

Enhanced Results

Being a company that works on a global scale, Simian allowed us to exchange content and work within our offices and with our clients based anywhere in the world. We also centralized any file transfer on one platform. In the end, Simian helped us keep our data organized on the cloud and lowered our expenses related to file sharing.

Maxime Levasseur - IT Project Manager