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Please describe how your company managed daily workflow and media sharing needs prior to using Simian.

At Metro we use Simian mainly to share reels with our clients or potential clients. Metro has a number of directors and each one of them has a lot of material. In the past, when it was time for a specific project briefing, we would have to build a demo reel on DVD format with the ad examples that would best demonstrate our director’s ability over the subject. We were racing against time since it was a laborious process of compiling the materials and the putting them together. We were at the mercy of the machine’s rendering speed, etc., which meant that any last minute editing to the order of the spots would have us start from the beginning.

Please describe in detail, the needs, challenges or problems that made Simian the right choice for your company.

Now it’s a lot easier and faster to send a link through email and have feedback telling us if the client has opened it, what they viewed, if they have forwarded it or downloaded it. This way we can learn what has been more effective, and then we use that information as a place to start for the future reels we create. All we need to do is incorporate each piece as soon as they are finished and after that we are ready to react in a quick manner to future communications. The possibilities are endless, one or various directors can work at the same time or categorize the works by specialty on table top, autos, etc. All in a friendly interface for users as well as receivers.

Please describe in detail the ways in which Simian addressed these needs, challenges or problems.

All of the users are self-sufficient - to the extent of their permissions- to send their own reels and not depend on the work and work hours of third parties. Reels can even be assembled from Simian’s mobile application at the moment that they are requested at a conversation or dinner meeting. Also, after having sent the reel, it is possible to adjust the link to include something that has been left out.

A very important element is that the system provides a history of sent reels. What have I showed? To whom? And, for which project? The best part is that this information doesn’t consume any of your computer’s space.

Please describe in detail, the overall benefit that was achieved as a result of using Simian. This can include additional revenue or products related to a specific job or project.

Simian is a very useful tool, which facilitates our interaction with our clients and it provides us with minute to minute feedback. Its reports let us see real time information, which many times the client wouldn’t even be able to recognize or share with us, and that is an advantage. It is a commitment to the new digital/virtual culture in which everything is leading towards immediacy, convenience and cost savings that are represented in the work.

Mayra de los Cobos - Production Coordinator

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