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South Florida based Kreative Kontent was founded in 2010 by award-winning producer Debbie Margolis-Horwitz and is quickly becoming one of the leading content creation companies in the country. With production offices in Miami/Fort Lauderdale and Bogota, Kreative Kontent is in a unique position to reflect the ever-expanding face of media in the Americas.

Known for its unfailing honesty and work ethic, Kreative Kontent's feature films, commercials, television, digital productions, specialty product and marketing fulfillment program have been lauded for their high-quality delivery on any budget and a quirky, sophisticated voice.

Before Simian:

Before Simian I was just starting to work with Wiredrive and still creating DVDs.


We needed a central host for all of our video assets that could be tied into our website. Our directors were shooting a lot, so we needed to be able to control the spots and content on each of their Kreative Kontent website pages and the ability change out videos quickly. Also most of our older assets were on tape, so the process of creating demo reels was very time consuming. Lastly, since we were not always in the office, we needed remote/mobile access.

Simian Solution:

With Simian, we designed and built our website. In addition, they created a backend that we could manage internally and update as needed. The best part is that all of this is web based and can be accessed by desktop, tablet and phone!

Enhanced Results:

Overall, signing up with Simian has enabled us to seamlessly integrate our projects, video assets and sales and marketing materials into a single, centralized system. Our sales reps, who reside and work from multiple cities have instant remote access, as well our production coordinators who also work remotely. I can create and send a demo reel in mere minutes from my phone! Kreative Kontent has saved a ton of time and money on hardware and software by transitioning to Simian from Wiredrive and DVD duplication.

Debbie Margolis-Horwitz - Executive Producer

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