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About Chop & Hue:

Chop & Hue is a post-production boutique and creative collective. Respected for its creative insight and post-production savvy, Chop & Hue is synonymous with high profile commercial post-production. With a particular eye to digital and branded communication, the Chop & Hue collective offers a wide array of content creation related services, i.e. Creative Editorial, Illustration & Animation, Motion Graphics & VFX, Color & Finishing, Sound Design as well as Production Facilitation and Creative Direction.

Before Simian:

When we were just getting off the ground prior to forming Chop & Hue, we were using FTP links and Dropbox. But, with growing media management and the constant need to supply a username and password, as well as instructions on how to download on a Mac or PC, it became a real hassle. In addition with Dropbox, in order for anyone to share, they had to become a user and were only allowed limited space, etc. To rectify these issues, we decided to look for something that not only would provide us with the flexibility we needed, but that was also simple for our clients to use and most importantly, a product that would grow with us.

Needs / Challenges:

We needed to become FTP-less, able to offer instant user access both locally and remotely and streamline our media management. We also needed to be able to control who receives what. In addition, we wanted the ability to view statistics for tracking purposes, along with the ability to shut down links and add credits. (And we needed it to be as simple as possible to manage and maintain.)

Simian Solution:

We decided to adopt Simian early on and ever since, it has become a key tool for us, on every project and at every level.

The biggest improvement since using Simian is that that we are no longer an FTP house. We can now send a presentation to a client’s inbox in just a matter of minutes that can be viewed on a desktop; iPhone, iPad or Android…gotta love that.

One of our favorite features is the Interactive Heatmaps. Their real time, at a glance progress/performance reads really let us know where we stand, minute by minute. Also, being able to view all scenes and edits collectively, no matter the location of the people involved, makes everyone feel like they are all sitting in the same conference room, even when they are not.

Another Simian highlight is the media up loader. It enables us to stay consistent with approval deliverables and media and makes each client feel that they have their own space. The ability to restrict clients from seeing other projects that are not relevant to them is something that FTP and Dropbox had allowed to slip through the cracks from time to time. Plus, it’s mobile friendly.

In short, each client is given their own space that can be completely customized and branded – it’s the little touches that make a huge impact. Using Simian for the approval process has enabled our clients to receive the file, watch the file and simply and easily make notes, approve or reject, seamlessly. Our agency clients are busy managing multiple components and projects and Simian makes it possible for us to quickly and effortlessly get media to the team at large, no matter their location. Simian really makes our workflow a breeze.

Enhanced Results:

We're a post boutique outside of a major market, so one of the biggest bonuses Simian offers Chop & Hue is making this fact less of an important statistic. Simian has helped us streamline our approval process, our demo presentation process and our delivery process – all while creating a unique experience for the client. When you can make things easier for the client (less time searching for username and password, less time learning what version we are on) you not only gain more business, you also get more time to really discuss what’s important – the content – the story – the product.

By using Simian’s analytics and tracking tool with Heatmaps, we’re able to quickly see what areas of the videos (our demos or project approvals) are working and not working. This enables us to quickly get on the same page and articulate what’s a go or what still needs a few tweaks.

All in all, Simian really makes an impression. It makes us appear on a much larger scale and function at a higher level than a boutique agency ever could before its inception and that alone, is priceless.

Dustin Foster - Editor / Colorist / Partner

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