Well Done and Thank You: Super Bowl 51's Impactful Ads

February 8, 2017

Right now, there's no escaping the political swirl that surrounds everything we see, do and feel. From the newsstands, to the newsroom, to the streets and beyond, it's all about what's next for America and for each of us, as individuals. Our status quo has become a rocky, tenuous landscape of contradiction and mixed messages seeded with words of hope and encouragement derived from the most unexpected places, and this week's most buzzed-about call for change is no exception - the world of advertising.

Advertising to most, has always been about capturing your attention ...and your dollar. But as with everyone today, when you have a voice that can reach millions, you are compelled to use it wisely. Super Bowl 51 advertisers rose bravely to this challenge by speaking out on topics ranging from women's rights (Audi) and immigration (Budweiser) to human acceptance on all levels (Airbnb). Though the products they featured were evident, this time the message behind them shined much brighter.

We say, "well done" to our clients who helped create these poignant spots and a big, "thank you" the advertisers who were brave enough to let their voice be heard.

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