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RIP MOV Video... Vive la MP4!

Posted By: Heather Prather on April 4, 2016

MOV Video Format

The introduction of HTML5 made the dream of playing video online sans QuickTime plugin a reality. Web video is now more accessible than ever before, but with this shift comes the need for all video to be encoded to MP4. Even with Flash on its last leg with a diminishing hold of just six percent of mobile and web video in 2015, there are many industry die-hards who are finding making the switch from MOV video to MP4 video and video encoding a daunting task.

HTML5 websites quickly gained major momentum because let’s face it, CSS and responsive design looks awesome and offers a great experience. But what else? Why is MP4 video the wave of the future?

Top Benefits of HTML5

Enhanced Accessibility:
Since MP4 is the HTML5 video standard, it’s supported across all browsers and devices, unlike Flash on iOS and Android mobile devices and QuickTime on Chrome and certain browsers.

ZERO Plugins:
BIG win! No more browser resource and battery life hogging but rather, native video playback via both web and mobile browsers and apps.

Universal Viewing Experience:
Everyone supported HTML5 because of its universal viewing experience and MP4 video is part of that experience.

While ProRes MOV may still be necessary for editing purposes, be sure to avoid using proxy MOV if you actually want the video to play online.

Experiencing encoding trepidation? Simple stuff. No, really!
Get the simplified story on video encoding for the web here.

Since MP4 resistance is futile, we’ve put together an informative, at-a-glance quick guide, The Supreme Reign of the MP4, to clearly outline the benefits of making the switch. Download and get the inside track on industry best-practices, plus helpful tips and suggestions based on first-hand experience. It’s a must-have resource for anyone producing or uploading video to the web.

Get the lowdown on:

  • Which audio/video formats are supported by today’s most popular browsers.
  • Ideal aspect ratio vs. bitrate and file size.
  • Video encoding best practices.

MP4 Infographic

Video Encoder Download

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