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Simian Advantages

Simian Advantages

Simian Go!

Arm sales and marketing teams with the info they need to take business to the next level. Simian's iOS7-optimized application sends presentations and tracks their progress via Real Time Analytics™ on the go.

Interactive Heatmaps™

Know what's working and what's not. Simian Interactive Heatmaps™ show which videos and segments have been viewed, skipped, and reviewed at-a-glance via color-coded graphs. More intense color lets you know what’s grabbing their attention instantly.

Real Time Video Encoder™ (RTVE)

Say good-bye to video encoding. Simply drag and drop video into the Simian RTVE and sit back as it encodes any size video for optimal viewing. No experience required.

Custom Branded Microsites™

Take presentations to the next level with Simian Custom Branded Microsites™. With just a few quick clicks, you can create impressive presentations or stand alone websites that look as though you’ve hired an entire development team to do the job.

Simplified Video Sharing

Embed video on your site or blog in seconds. Simian enables you to share individual videos and reels by quickly customizing your player. Simply grab the code and go.

Developer API

Extend Simian’s features and DAM capabilities to power your website or application with Simian’s powerful and flexible API. Manage and distribute from one convenient location.

Industry Leaders Depend on Simian.

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