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Create Video? 6 Reasons You Need Media Asset Management

Posted By: Heather Prather on August 5, 2015

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Media Asset Management (MAM) holds the key to fast and effective video collaboration, sharing, review and approval and more.

From simply saving time, to keeping projects on track and closing new business quickly, below are the top six reasons the world’s top companies rely on MAM to take the business of sharing to the next level…

1. Access Media Anywhere

Since MAMs are cloud-based, uploaded files are available on any computer and mobile device. Cloud storage eliminates the need to email files or download them to a USB flash drive just to alternate between multiple computers. As soon as a file is uploaded, it is accessible to anyone with a login.

2. Manage Multiple Projects

Multi-task on your terms. MAM makes it possible to simultaneously manage multiple projects, clients and teams from one location with ease. Create projects that encourage collaboration and allow for collaborative downloading and uploading of files, review and approval, work-in-progress…all within one location. Designated user permissions grant as much or as little access as necessary. Managing projects within MAM keeps files and teams organized and projects on track.

3. Share Media Anywhere

Sharing media is fast, so sending videos and other large files is hassle-free. Unlike email or other cloud-based file hosting, each recipient can view media instantly, without the need for download. Work remotely? Send files, folders, and entire projects for instant viewing from any computer or mobile device.

4. Track Team Engagement

File sent. But has it been viewed? MAMs equipped with powerful analytics track engagement in real time, providing instant transparency into open rates, full and partial video views, downloaded files, and forwarded emails. In addition, MAMs are also helpful for keeping team members accountable and projects moving.

Here is a great example of from one of our clients, Sid Lee.

5. Review & Approve Work in Progress

Teams reside in different locations, states, or even countries? Robust collaboration tools enable both in-house and remote users to approve and reject files, add time-stamped comments and annotate directly on video files, thus keeping the lines of communication open without the need for a meeting or conference call. Client feedback is precise and timely (and stored = no emails!) for quick and easy review and approval.

6. Easily Encode Media

One of the biggest perks of top MAMs are video-encoding features that make time consuming and confusing encoding apps obsolete. Uncompressed files must be properly encoded for optimal playback on the web and these features make encoding effortless and playback flawless, across all platforms. No more transcoding software…bonus! Upon upload, credits and tags can also be assigned as needed and files can be viewed either on the web or on a mobile device…just hit upload.

Do you rely on MAM? What made you choose MAM? What works best for you? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

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