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5 Simian Hacks for Executive Producers and Sales Reps

Posted By: Brian Atton on May 18, 2015

Ready for some insider tips? Below are the top five hacks that Executive Producers and Sales Reps can implement right now to bolster sales and increase production workflow with Simian.

1. CRM Integration

Did you know that Simian integrates seamlessly with top cloud based CRM Platforms like Salesforce, Highrise, Pipeline Deals and ZoHo? This means that every message and presentation link sent from Simian can instantly merge with your existing prospects activities and even create a new prospect record when one doesn’t exist. Simian’s CRM integration eliminates data entry so you can accomplish more in less time and stay on top of your sales force's activities.

Simian CRM Integration

2. Use Analytics to Market Creatives More Effectively

Are you marketing creatives and measuring sales presentations as effectively as you could be? Simian’s powerful, Real Time Video Analytics™ gives you deep insight as to how well your creatives and their work are being received. Video heat mapping technology lets you pinpoint exactly which scenes were watched, re-watched and skipped over, allowing you to adjust presentations accordingly and give clients what they are looking for-sometimes before they even ask.

Simian provides sales teams with the most comprehensive, real-time, actionable data to help sales make better informed decisions when marketing creative talent.

Simian Analytics

3. Measure Sales Performance More Effectively

How do you measure sales performance other than by the amount of new business that comes in? What if one sales rep is out performing all of the other reps? How do you get those lower performing reps to increase sales? The only thing you can do is measure sales activity, analyze and make adjustments. Fortunately, Simian has built in reporting features that allow you to do just that.

Simian Reel Reports provide detailed sales reports on individual users and compare presentation metrics. For example:

  • A top performing rep might send 10 reels per week with an average of 5 spots per reel, total run time of 2:30, a 90% email open rate, a 65% presentation view rate and a 2 minute average view rate.
  • A lower performing rep might send 20 reels per week with an average of 10 spots per reel, total run time of 8:00, a 40 % email open rate, a 10% presentation view rate and only a 30 second average view rate.

It’s clear from the above example where adjustments need to be made. Reel Reports enable you measure your teams sales activities and pinpoint where adjustments need to be made in order to increase sales at every tenure.

Simian Analytics

4. Microsites

Want to really impress your clients and prospects? Of course, the answer is a resounding YES!  Consider presenting with a microsite. Simian Microsites quickly transform presentations into fully custom-branded, mini websites that are responsive and work across all devices.

Microsites can be created in mere minutes and re-used over and over again for each individual pitch. The only limit to what you can use a microsite for is your imagination.

Simian Microsites

5. Simian GO!

At the gym, boarding a plane or stuck in traffic? No problem! We here at Simian know that business stops for no one. We also know the difference between winning and losing a job can be as little as 10 minutes.  This is why we created Simian GO! So you can leave the office behind and build, send and track presentations right from your iPhone in real time, wherever you are so you never miss an opportunity to present.

Download Simian GO! at the App Store.

Simian Go!

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