Simian vs Dropbox

Our collaboration and reel creator tools put Simian far above Dropbox when it comes to the needs of professionals.

What Simian Offers
  • Professional Platform
  • Built for Filmmakers
  • Stunning Presentations
  • Create Custom Showreels
  • Insightful Analytics
  • Better Collaboration Tool
  • Set Permission Levels
  • Dedicated Support
A Professional-Grade Platform

While it’s a great product, at its heart Dropbox is a rudimentary file sharing service. Simian is a complete solution for creative companies, offering capabilities that extend from sales to finish. The tools we’ve developed are what creatives, production and post production pros rely on: reel creation, sales analytics, project management, review and approval and final delivery.

Cortez Brothers

Simian has made it possible for me to juggle home life and a successful business. It allows me to tend to my family and our clients quickly and concisely, without being tied down to an office computer or editing bay 24/7.

Bernadette Rivero, President, Cortez Brothers

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Designed and Built for Filmmakers

We work closely with leaders in advertising, production and post to develop tools video producers need to get their job done. Simian is geared towards creative workflow and our interface is intuitive, designed to simplify video sharing and collaboration.


Simian is easily the best video collaboration and presentation service available. I can easily create reels for trade shows or prospective clients, and the real-time video encoder makes uploading a breeze while ensuring optimized playback every time. The Infusion 2.0 integration with Adobe Premiere Pro is absolutely amazing, too! Simian is a MUST for anybody needing to collaborate, share and host creative work.

Brian Wright, Editor, Hawthorne

Make Your Presentations Shine

When you connect via your Simian account, your works reflects your branding and color palette, in everything from email to your video player, showreels and project presentations. We even support multiple brandings in a single account. And our presentation templates and functionality lets you share and pitch work in a way that reflects your brand identity and your taste.

Schofield's Flowers

“I’m extremely happy with my experience with Simian. Making reels and presentations is easy, and uploading is even easier. And on top of that, their customer service support is absolutely fantastic.”

Steve "Scof" Schofield, Owner & Founder, Schofield's Flowers

Tap Our Reel Creator Tools

Simian is a far better option than Dropbox for sending reels or compilation videos when pitching or bidding on projects. Our branded presentations support video, audio and image files, and provides the added power of tracking client views and engagement. Services like Dropbox simply can’t compete with this package.

Backyard Productions

We’re brand new Simian users, and we love it!

Kris Mathur, VP/EP, Backyard Productions

Analytics That Win Work

Dropbox doesn’t provide analytics on shared video, while Simian’s analytics are used to sharpen presentation reels and create more strategic follow-ups. Know when your reel was viewed and which segments or scenes were viewed with our analytic tools. You can also track sales activity and create customized reports. It’s a win-win.

A Common Thread

Simian provides us with a modern method of instantaneous, digital communication, whether we're operating locally, nationally, or globally. It’s an integral part of the way we do business on a daily basis.

JP McMahon, Executive Producer, A Common Thread

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Better Collaboration Capabilities

Unlike Dropbox, Simian offers a deep level of tools for efficient collaboration, review and approval. Teams using Simian can privately share all file types, leave comments, annotate on video and still images, manage versions and compare videos side-by-side, all while integrating with tools like Adobe Premiere Pro, Slack and Box.

Craft Worldwide

Simian has allowed us to generate revenue for something we hadn’t in the past. It’s helped to streamline our workflows and has made the posting and approval process easier and more timely. I don’t know how we could function day to day without Simian.

Philip Ohler, Director, Broadcast & Video, Craft Worldwide

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Set Variable Permission Levels

With Simian, you can customize permission levels to best suit your business and employees. Give users as much – or as little – access as they need to ensure everyone can get their job done and sensitive files stay in the right hands.

Y&R - Cavalry

Simian has been great for our integrated production and asset management needs. The Media Library’s category and attribute customization is simple to architect and update, and the Projects workflow and file management and review process is highly intuitive. With Simian, it’s easy to onboard anyone from novices to experienced professionals. Its features, ease of use and price make it an outstanding platform.

Patricia Jones, VP Director of Project Management, Y&R - Cavalry

Dedicated Account Managers

Every user, regardless of account size, has access to our 24/7 customer support. Our account managers are available to answer questions, fix problems or provide training, whenever it’s needed.

Crew Cuts

Simian lets us consolidate all of our content for reels in one place. It allows us to see fantastic analytics that show what, when and how people are viewing our work. It is a great addition to our arsenal of digital tools.

Christopher Keenan, Director of Technology, Crew Cuts

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