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Introducing Sawt, Our New Creative Intelligence Platform for Online Video Search

October 2, 2017


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We’re proud to introduce Sawt, our new AI-assisted software that’s designed to help advertisers, ad agencies, production and post studios and media companies simplify a complex search process.

Sawt lets you search and analyze both traditional advertising video content such as commercials and web shorts as well as the exploding universe of online video found on sites such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. The service can be utilized from its web site,

In addition, Sawt will make it easier for those who want to partner with these popular and influential content creators and apply their talents to the rapidly expanding landscape of consumer video consumption.  The service will provide all content creators – those working in online video as well as more traditional broadcast advertising – to create online profiles that will provide a wealth of information about their work, their audience and their reach.

We’ll do this by tapping Artificial Intelligence (AI) to gather meaningful insights from media and consumer content, helping to connect the dots between content creators, audiences, agencies, brands and producers. We’ll also provide actionable information on the people and companies behind the production of this content, including creative and production credits, prior work and contact information.

Registration for Sawt is currently free, and easy to do: you can sign up directly from LinkedIn or Facebook. Members can upload work, compile and share lists and search the database using any number of search parameters such as agency, brand, agency, production company, content creator, director, editor, VFX studio, creative technique, genre, you name it.

For Simian users, integration with Sawt will be totally seamless, providing an additional level of exposure beyond what the Simian media sharing and collaboration platform already offers.

“We’re now more than just a review and approval media-sharing platform,” says Simian’s Brian Atton. “We’re partners for our friends in creative industries. With Sawt we’ve developed a resource, as opposed to a singular tool. We want them to focus on doing what they love doing, which is being creative and making content. Our goal, as with any technology product, is to help them do their jobs better and run their businesses more efficiently.”

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