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How Simian's Cloud Storage Integration Enhances Media Asset Management

September 7, 2016


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With ever-expanding media libraries and satellite teams and employees around the globe, Cloud storage options like Dropbox and Box are must-have add-ons for most of today’s high-output creative companies. In a recent Simian client poll, an overwhelming 80% sited a Dropbox and Box integration as their #1 get and with 61% of creatives working outside the office at least part of the time, the need for the ability to work on-the-go is key.

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Since many creative companies rely on Simian’s robust media asset management platform for optimized ways to share video, collaborate on projects and market their talent smarter, it only makes sense that Simian has seamlessly integrated with Dropbox and Box to offer our clients the ability to upload files directly from Dropbox and Box into Simian via any desktop and mobile device.

Simian clients can access these new features and get started via login to their Simian account.

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