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Please describe how your company managed daily workflow and media sharing needs prior to using Simian.

Before Simian, we used a combination of email, workgroup servers and something called, large file transfer. There was no easy way to share work in progress for review and approval.

Please describe in detail, the needs, challenges or problems that made Simian the right choice for your company.

We needed a solution for sharing work in progress and delivering final work. The tools we had before Simian were not client friendly, which made Craft look like an unprofessional operation. All of the other edit houses that we compete with had web-based solutions for sharing work. We did not. Simian was the perfect choice. A young, upstart in a market already filled with many choices. Prior to choosing Simian, we looked at all the other choices and demoed each one. We chose Simian because they were very eager to help us move forward, and were and still are great at listening to suggestions on how to improve the service.

Please describe in detail the ways in which Simian addressed these needs, challenges or problems.

With Simian, we have a professional platform for presenting works in progress and finished work. We mostly use the Projects module for the day to day sharing of ongoing work and love the ability to upload our finished work into the Media Library and create custom reels at the drop of a hat. These services have allowed us to not only look better to our clients, but also allow us to compete for work that we wouldn’t have been able to pitch for, previously.

Please describe in detail, the overall benefit that was achieved as a result of using Simian. This can include additional revenue or products related to a specific job or project.

Simian has allowed us to generate revenue for something we hadn’t in the past. It has helped to streamline our workflows, making postings and approvals easier and more timely. I don’t know how we could function day to day without Simian.

Philip Ohler - Director, Broadcast & Video