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Please describe how your company managed daily workflow and media sharing needs prior to using Simian.

Mostly email based communication with workflow. Archiving master files on one hard drive together so we could access them quickly. Media sharing to clients and employees was done through a very un-secure client html page.

Please describe in detail, the needs, challenges or problems that made Simian the right choice for your company.

First was sales. How do we quickly respond to broadcast producer needs when they are looking for demo reels. We needed something quick, easy, and accessible from anywhere to insure we could respond fast enough.

The other was a secure way for clients to easily download and view work in progress and other details on a project. Ease was the keyword. Working in post you assume everyone knows how to download and play a Quicktime, but sometimes they don’t. And the Simian browser makes it painless.

The last was our website. All of our websites in the past had a complicated interface to upload and manage the content we wanted to present.

Please describe in detail the ways in which Simian addressed these needs, challenges or problems.

For Sales, it was a no brainer. Within minutes a custom reel can be designed sent and tracked. Just in the sales part of it's use it has paid for itself 10 times over. Once we deliver a TV spot, uploading to Simian is part of our deliverable pipeline, so the finished spot is instantly in our media library and ready for our own marketing needs.

Simian's projects section has allowed an amazing level of comfort and ease to our client project interactions. Since implementing it, our technical trouble shooting for client playback has almost vanished completely.

Having a continuously up to date media library allows me to update an artist's reel within minutes, and once it's updated, hitting the save button. After I do that, I can click on that artist page in the website and it is instantaneously up to date. No more spending hundreds of dollars on web assistance every time I need to update the media, and now Mad Box's content can stay as up to date as possible… as long as I don't procrastinate.

Please describe in detail, the overall benefit that was achieved as a result of using Simian. This can include additional revenue or products related to a specific job or project.

Our use of Simian has enhanced all of our efforts on the marketing and client services side of our business, and can say without a doubt responsible for at least half of our business growth. The cost I would be wasting using more archaic means of sales and distribution, and the clients I would have lost because of a lack of urgency on reels is immeasurable, but when people ask me what major part of our workflow helps me succeed "Simian" is one of the first words I mention.

With Simian, our sales presentations are more professional and when you are working and operating in a smaller market, having the same tool-set as your competition in the larger markets helps put you on an even playing field. Our clients and prospects see Simian on our reels and they instantly give our work a higher level of attention.

Chris Williams - Editor