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Please describe how your company managed daily workflow and media sharing needs prior to using Simian.

Truth of the matter is, we didn't. We had a singular hard drive that had all of our media on it, and DVDs were created, copied, and shipped out to reps and potential clients.

Please describe in detail, the needs, challenges or problems that made Simian the right choice for your company.

When the world went mobile and was no longer tethered to their desktops, we needed to be able to do the same. We needed to be able to manage editorial projects, director's reels, company reels and more and get them to reps and clients quickly. We also needed some way of tracking whether or not people were actually watching our work. You can drop a DVD in the mail and follow up in a week or two, but you never really know which spots worked on a reel and which spots didn't.

Please describe in detail the ways in which Simian addressed these needs, challenges or problems.

With Simian, we are not only able to manage a huge database of spots and several directors, but at a moment's notice, we could create a reel (using the Simian Go app) and also find out if people watched it. We can even manage the content of our website quickly and easily with Simian. On the post-production side, we're able to create projects with a customized touch and rapidly send out cuts to clients for approval.

Please describe in detail, the overall benefit that was achieved as a result of using Simian. This can include additional revenue or products related to a specific job or project.

With Simian we are able to benefit greatly from the ease of sending out media to people. The moment we get a great new spot from one of our directors, we're able to disseminate that work to various people and generate more work for our directors. We're able to manage a huge database of spots, without fail. Also, by powering our website with the Simian database, we're able to easily advertise our work, change out spots on a whim, and find out who and when people are watching work. In short, Simian is invaluable.

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