Peepcentric: The Science of Succeeding Together

April 26, 2017


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When it comes to succeeding as an individual or as a company one thing is certain, it’s all about people. For us here at Simian, choosing the right people and remaining focused firmly on the people we serve first, ensures that the experience for all involved is worthwhile and business itself, thrives.

Simian peeps check their ego at the door. It’s not all about us. No posturing. No boasting. Just teamwork. Our team and our clients, together working to achieve a common goal: Making the day-to-day stuff faster and easier (and more fun), ensuring that clients are impressed with what they see and of course, increasing their bottom line. These steadfast priorities drive everything we do and keep our clients on the cutting edge of their industry and though some of the ways we do this are obvious, we think our peep/client-centric approach is pretty awesome so, we wanted to share a few of the highlights, with you…

Our Greatest Resource: Our Clients

Every day we rely on client feedback to determine what’s next for Simian. Their endless creativity continually inspires us to create first-of-their-kind tools designed to seamlessly integrate into their workflow, help them get the job done and in turn, enable them to focus on what they love most… inspiring and entertaining.

Never Satisfied: Know What Clients Need ...Before They Do

Technologies and trends are always changing and changing fast, and staying ahead of the industry by exceeding expectations is what Simian is all about. Our development team is fast and agile and we adapt to needs quickly by remaining keenly focused on improving usability and user experience. Bottom line: If it's not loved by our users, it must be improved.

We've Got You: Unmatched Support

Reliable support is rare these days and we love being the exception. That’s why our unrivaled U.S. based support team is available, 24/7.

We're Listening: New Ideas?

We support fearless feedback, both internally and externally. Be it client or Simian team member, if something sucks – no one is afraid to say it. On the flipside, we love new ideas and opinions, no matter how out of scope they may seem. This complete and total openness enables us to approach every situation from multiple perspectives, which helps create a better product for everyone involved.

Check out a recent result of this collaborative spirit, our Simian 4.0.1 system update.

The Only Way to Win: Together

Plain and simple. From developing new features to content marketing, development, support, sales, marketing, working together is essential to everyone’s success.

Every department and every person has a unique interaction with users and those interactions are invaluable. For example, while it may not seem so at first, it makes sense to include sales and support and even creative content developers in development discussions, because they know first-hand how users respond and use the product. Couple this with ongoing feedback from clients and BOOM, a big ‘ol love fest of success and making sure everyone has what they need to win new business and grow.

Endless Innovation: Nurture. Grow. Learn.

Creating a nurturing environment where people can learn and grow is key to cultivating a strong, thriving, results-driven team. For us over the years, we have learned that placing the right person is often better than solely screening for the right qualifications. Sure, they need to be able to do the job, but they also need to love the job, love the users and love product itself - otherwise it’s just a job. We want them to want to go above and beyond to help the company grow.

Let’s see… have we forgotten anything? Oh yeah, a good sense of humor and the ability to bust out a killer belly laugh, no matter the situation. Oh, and LOTS of coffee …Ahhh yes, COFFEE. Did we mention coffee??

Welp, we’ve shared ours, now let’s hear yours! Got a business mantra you’d like to share?  We’d love to hear from you! Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

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