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The Napoleon Group

The Napoleon Group collaborates with creative thinkers, innovative brands, and producers of visual content...


The Napoleon Group collaborates with creative thinkers, innovative brands, and producers of visual content to immerse the audience in the stories of daily life. We believe in forming partnerships and providing the highest level of service, while improving our craft at all levels of production.

As experts in PreViz and Test Advertising, Napoleon has recruited top industry talent to create a dynamic and scalable production pipeline that is capable of handling projects across a vast array of content mediums, visual platforms, and budgets. We pride ourselves on providing top quality services for live production, motion graphics, art, storyboards, editorial, and animation projects across the globe.


Napoleon offers a wide array of production and post-production related services. Long known for its PreViz products, Napoleon services include, editorial, audio, composite, design, casting, illustration and graphics/VFX.


“Working with Simian has allowed the Napoleon Group to manage its media content through several departments with seamless integration. Our whole team has been particularly impressed with the frequent upgrades, product customization and constant attention to our company’s needs.”

“At Napoleon, The Production team has integrated Simian into their pipeline for content delivery and client presentations using the Custom Branded Microsite Generator. Our Sales team relies on Simian to deliver marketing media and Real Time Analytics to manage and meet their goals. Managing content through Simian is quick and easy to learn. It has allowed our company to focus on the needs of our clients and the quality of our products, rather than worrying about the logistics of media delivery.

Doug Miller - President

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