Simian vs Dropbox

Simian offers the latest and best video and media sharing and collaboration features available. Dropbox falls firmly into the FTP/Network Drive category, which means you cannot manage, collaborate on or track your work. Put simply with Dropbox, you never know where you stand.

See for yourself why Simian is the better choice SimianSimian DropboxDropbox
Digital Asset Management Check X
360°/VR Video Support Check X
Project Management: Review & Approve Check X
Central Repository To Manage Client/Team Comments Check X
Adobe Premiere Plug-In Check X
Reel Creator/Presentation Builder Check X
True Streaming Video Player Check X
Custom Branded Microsites™ Check X
Reel Time Analytics™ Check X
Enhanced Reporting Features Check X
Reel Time Video Encoding™ Check X
iPhone/iPad App: Collaborate/Review & Approve/Present WIP Files Check X
iPhone App: Build/Track/Present Check X
iPhone/iPad App: Download/Present Offline Check X
Time Stamped Comments Annotated on Audio/Video Timeline Check X
Annotate/Draw on Video Check X
Per Project Quotas Check X
CRM Integration Check X
Address Book Support Check X
Enhanced Search: Multiple Tags, Descriptions, Comments, Etc. Check X

Award Winning Technology

Dammy AwardSimian won a DAMMY Award for Best Example of Asset & Media Repurposing at Createasphere's Digital Asset Management Conference and Exhibition 2013 in New York City. The DAMMYs are the premier award in the digital asset management industry, recognizing pioneering individuals and organizations for outstanding achievement.

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