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Simian releases the much anticipated, third annual Reel Insights 2015

February 23, 2016Simian+releases+the+much+anticipated%2C+third+annual+Reel+Insights+2015
Laguna Niguel, Calif.February 23, 2016—Simian, the award-winning, cloud based media asset management, collaboration and presentation platform used by many of the world’s top advertising agencies, brands, and media/entertainment companies to collaborate, present and share media smarter, has anonymously sampled statistics from over 250 thousand reels sent from their database in order to provide key insights into industry best practices.
Simian Reel Insights, now in its third release, has proven an invaluable resource for what agencies are looking for, as well as where the industry is going as a whole. “Agency producers are bombarded with reels daily, so it’s crucial for production companies to know that what they are sending is highly optimized if they want to rise to the top of the queue”, says Simian Co-founder, Brian Atton. “Simian Reel Insights is a free downloadable infographic, that’s available to everyone and provides key metrics, such as average number of spots per reel, run time, and the best time of day to send. In past years, a few of our clients put Reel Insights to the test and have confirmed our findings to be extremely accurate. We take pride in that.”
This year, there’s a stat that stands to set Simian apart from it’s competitors. In 2015, Reel Insights revealed that Simian has the most impressive engagement rates in the industry with an open rate of over 80 percent with an average of 70 percent of each reel viewed.
“Simian customers can expect high engagement rates because our Real Time Analytics and reporting features enable company owners to compare sales activities. Being able to immediately identify successes as they happen makes it possible to market their talent more effectively and increase sales. When you can measure reel performance, then you can make improvements where needed”, adds Jay Brooks, Simian Co-Founder and CTO.
Another stat of note in 2015 is the shift to higher video resolution. “This shift makes it clear that agencies have raised their expectations when it comes to video quality. Trends show that they expect a minimum of 720p, which is also supported by some of the top agency producers recently interviewed for our blog,” says Atton.
Atton also adds that, “With an increasingly competitive industry, production companies need to be able to rely on solid data and analytics to gain an advantage over their competition. Simian Real Time Analytics provides our clients with the ability to anticipate their clients’ needs, plus the ability to react after a reel has been sent, thereby giving the client exactly what they want, every time.”
Reel Insights 2015 provides actionable data for creating reels and increasing sales. Available for download on the Simian website.

Simian Releases "Free Real Time Video Encoder Lite™ (RTVE-L)" App

October 22, 2015Simian+Releases+%22Free+Real+Time+Video+Encoder+Lite%E2%84%A2+%28RTVE-L%29%22+App

Laguna Niguel, October 22, 2015—Simian, the award-winning, cloud based media asset management, collaboration and presentation platform used by many of the world’s top advertising agencies, brands, and media/entertainment companies to collaborate, present and share media smarter, has released a free video encoding app, Real Time Video Encoder Lite™ (RTVE-L). This groundbreaking App is the first of its kind and is now available to everyone. The Simian RTVE-L reduces video production challenges that professionals face when uploading and encoding optimized video for the web.

“As more content releases straight to the web and as OTT continues to grow, knowledge and expertise of web formats, video streaming and delivery methods are a necessity”, says Simian CTO Jay Brooks. “Video professionals know how to encode for broadcast, but are often not well versed in the complexities of encoding for the web’s varying format requirements across browser types”.

Until now, lack of information and a non-technical solution for video professionals has been a real issue and one of the main drivers of traffic to Simian’s extensive Knowledge Base. “People are hungry for helpful tips and recommendations for encoding tools, along with presets for optimal web playback. We strive to provide as much information as possible on every level”, adds Simian Co-Founder Brian Atton.

As browsers discontinue support of plugins and formats continuously change, staying up-to-date on the latest encoding formats is becoming increasingly difficult. With the rapid increase in video being pushed across the web, the need for a reliable, up-to-date, all-access encoding tool has become imperative. This is especially true for those working in production, used to broadcast quality and assume that .MOV will work on the web. While it’s true that .MOV is the byproduct of most cameras and editing tools, the adoption of HTML5 and Chrome’s discontinuation of the QuickTime plugin is quickly making .MOV obsolete for upload.

The Simian Real Time Video Encoder™ has been the trusted, go-to video encoder for Simian users since 2013 thanks to its ability to increase efficiency and reduce encoding complexity with a simple drag and drop operation. Gone are the days of time-consuming, guesswork-driven hand encoding. Today, users simply drag and drop files into the RTVE-L and the newly encoded and perfectly optimized files are automatically saved to their desktop. Even large files up to 1080p can be uploaded with improved video encoding and audio quality.

The free Real Time Video Encoder Lite™ is now available to all for download on the Simian website.

Simian Enhances Real Time Video Encoder™

September 9, 2015Simian+Enhances+Real+Time+Video+Encoder%E2%84%A2

Laguna Niguel, Calif.—September 9, 2015—Simian, the industry leader in evolutionary collaboration and media sharing solutions announces the release of the latest version of its groundbreaking Real Time Video Encoder (RTVE)™,  the RTVE2™. The Simian RTVE saves users time by automating encoding and optimization on the user’s local computer, thereby eliminating the need to upload uncompressed video to Simian. With the RTVE2, Simian has not only enhanced the existing features, they have also added a few new options. 

“By increasing efficiency and further reducing encoding complexity, we’ve enhanced the existing RTVE for our clients who prepare video for the web. In addition, this release also acts as a precursor to our upcoming, ‘free for all' release that’s designed to benefit everyone, including non-Simian users …so stay tuned”, says Simian Co-Founder & CTO, Jay Brooks.

The RTVE2 offers two new features. The first, Save to Desktop enables users to simultaneously encode a video and save it to their local computer. The second, Proxy File Creation instantly generates a viewable proxy file from an uploaded source file. The source file can also be downloaded from Simian. RTVE2 enhancements now enable users to export larger files up to 1080p with improved video encoding and audio quality, no matter the file size, plus additional support for more video formats and improved session handling for larger files.

Next up for Simian is a FREE stand alone video encoding tool designed for the public at large, making it possible for anyone to easily upload and encode optimized video to the web—Simian user or not.

“There’s still a lot of mystery and confusion on how to properly encode video for the web. Simian is going to eliminate that confusion by simplifying the process with a drag & drop app”, says Simian Co-Founder Brian Atton.

The Simian Real Time Video Encoder 2 (RTVE2)™ is a FREE download available on the Simian website at

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