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Media Management for 360°/VR Video

May 19, 2016
As a member of the Directors and Producers Guild of America, Larry Jordan has plenty of first-hand experience to offer on what’s hot and next in the world media technology. Larry contacted us to delve a little deeper into what Simian’s breakthrough 360°/VR Video Support solution is all about. Check out what Larry had to say...
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Simian Releases End-To-End 360°/VR Video Support and Workflow Solution.

May 16, 2016Simian+Releases+End-To-End+360%C2%B0%2FVR+Video+Support+and+Workflow+Solution.
Laguna Niguel, Calif.—May 16, 2016—Simian, in collaboration with 360°/VR companies VRTÜL and Ovrture, has created a first of its kind, comprehensive, end-to-end workflow solution designed to address the emergence of 360°/VR video, along with the specific needs of business and creative teams that work with 360°/VR.
“Client review is an essential part of creative workflow and 360°/VR video posed a very specific set of challenges. Simian has been supporting client review and video annotation for a long time however, unlike traditional 2D video which is flat, 360°/VR video is a 3D sphere, which means you have many coordinates within a single frame,” says Simian Co-Founder, Brian Atton. 
What makes Simian’s 360°/VR solution unique is the ability to annotate based on pinpointing exact coordinates which until now, was not possible. “Simian has solved the problem by accurately time stamping comments and video annotations within the exact coordinates of a frame, thereby ensuring that teams and clients are consistently on the same page and the smallest of details are captured.” Atton adds.
"There are very few good examples for VR companies who need quality private media sharing services, and Simian meets a huge need for us to share with our agency and brand relationships,” says Casey Sapp, Founder & CEO of VRTÜL.
Simian CTO & Co-Founder Jay Brooks adds, “Currently, 360°/VR video technology is moving fast and standards are scarce. Simian’s initial support covers the state of the industry as it exists today with desktop browser support of 360° video. Support for VR headsets will be forthcoming.”
Simian has also integrated 360°/VR video into its showreel presentations and its upcoming microsite upgrade, to enable business teams and sales reps to pitch 360°/VR video. “We’re really excited to be the first to offer this breakthrough enhancement, because it’s something that hasn’t been available before within a Media Asset Manager,” says Brooks.
"In the rapidly evolving Virtual Reality media space there are fundamental problems producing fully-immersive VR. Simian’s new support for mono and stereoscopic 360° media changes everything,” says Randy Donaldson, Head of Business Development at Ovrture.
This breakthrough technology is currently available for all desktop browsers, Android, iPad and will be supported via the Simian Now! app for iPhone in the very near future, where you can view 360°/VR video and also download it for presenting offline. Support for VR headsets is also on the way.

“With the addition of Simian 360°/VR support, Simian will be filling a gap in the industry as a new trend emerges, thereby setting the standard for future solutions,” says Atton. “Setting the standard then breaking it, is how we work and this 360°/VR solution is only the beginning of what’s on the horizon for Simian clients. We’re really excited about where things are headed, so you definitely want to watch this space.” Atton concludes. 

Simian releases the much anticipated, third annual Reel Insights 2015

February 23, 2016Simian+releases+the+much+anticipated%2C+third+annual+Reel+Insights+2015
Laguna Niguel, Calif.February 23, 2016—Simian, the award-winning, cloud based media asset management, collaboration and presentation platform used by many of the world’s top advertising agencies, brands, and media/entertainment companies to collaborate, present and share media smarter, has anonymously sampled statistics from over 250 thousand reels sent from their database in order to provide key insights into industry best practices.
Simian Reel Insights, now in its third release, has proven an invaluable resource for what agencies are looking for, as well as where the industry is going as a whole. “Agency producers are bombarded with reels daily, so it’s crucial for production companies to know that what they are sending is highly optimized if they want to rise to the top of the queue”, says Simian Co-founder, Brian Atton. “Simian Reel Insights is a free downloadable infographic, that’s available to everyone and provides key metrics, such as average number of spots per reel, run time, and the best time of day to send. In past years, a few of our clients put Reel Insights to the test and have confirmed our findings to be extremely accurate. We take pride in that.”
This year, there’s a stat that stands to set Simian apart from it’s competitors. In 2015, Reel Insights revealed that Simian has the most impressive engagement rates in the industry with an open rate of over 80 percent with an average of 70 percent of each reel viewed.
“Simian customers can expect high engagement rates because our Real Time Analytics and reporting features enable company owners to compare sales activities. Being able to immediately identify successes as they happen makes it possible to market their talent more effectively and increase sales. When you can measure reel performance, then you can make improvements where needed”, adds Jay Brooks, Simian Co-Founder and CTO.
Another stat of note in 2015 is the shift to higher video resolution. “This shift makes it clear that agencies have raised their expectations when it comes to video quality. Trends show that they expect a minimum of 720p, which is also supported by some of the top agency producers recently interviewed for our blog,” says Atton.
Atton also adds that, “With an increasingly competitive industry, production companies need to be able to rely on solid data and analytics to gain an advantage over their competition. Simian Real Time Analytics provides our clients with the ability to anticipate their clients’ needs, plus the ability to react after a reel has been sent, thereby giving the client exactly what they want, every time.”
Reel Insights 2015 provides actionable data for creating reels and increasing sales. Available for download on the Simian website.
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