Multi Presentations

“We house thousands of individual pieces of video and content in Simian, then we choose the presentation and customize the lineup to fit each client’s specific needs.”

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Multi Presentation

Showreel Presentations

Empower your sales force. Simian Custom Branded Reel Presentations let you customize every presentation to suit (and impress) every client, every time. In addition, robust analytics ensure highly productive follow-up and a quick close.

Multi Presentation

WIP Presentations

Share single files, entire folders and projects of any size, simply. Simian makes collaboration with clients and stakeholders seamless and receiving instantaneous, actionable feedback effortless.

Multi Presentation


When it comes to presentations, Simian provides complete creative control. From in-house branding to client-facing pitches and projects, with little time investment, the only limit to how you present your work is your imagination.

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