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Simian's Top Secret Features: Part 2

Posted By: Brian Atton on September 15, 2015

Simian Features

Wow! Such a great response to Part 1 of our Simian Secret Features piece, it’s time for another round. Here goes Part 2 of Simian’s list of Top Secret Features ….plus a couple of bonus tips. Check ’em out, give them a try and work …even smarter!

10. You Can Re-use Microsites

Did you know that once you have a microsite dialed in, you can re-use it for another project? For every project you set up, you can clone a microsite from another project …it’s that easy. Talk about a time saver!

9. Change a Presentation After it’s Been Sent

Have you ever sent a spot in a presentation then two seconds later, you wish you hadn’t or wished you could just adjust a presentation after the fact? Not to worry, Simian’s got your back! Our Edit a Reel Presentation feature lets you add/edit/delete media from presentations that have already been sent… and the client will be none the wiser.

8. Replace Media in Sent Presentations

Replace media in your Media Library without changing presentations that have already been sent. If you accidentally uploaded the wrong cut and sent a presentation no worries, simply replace the existing file within the Media Library to automatically update all presentations sent with your latest and greatest!

7. Power Your Web Site

Power your entire website with the media and reels stored in your Simian account! Our flexible API lets you connect and pull media right to your website in seconds. Also, when you update a reel in Simian it automatically updates the web site. You maintain total flexibility, as long as your web developer is legit.

6. Collaborate on the Go!

Our awesome project app lets you set up projects, collaborate with teams and send WIP files for review & approval right from your iOS device. Check it out on our apps page.

5. Social Sharing

Post spots from your Media Library right to social networks like Facebook and Twitter with just a click of the button!

4. Stream Long Form Content

Yep, Simian does streaming video. What is that? It’s the ability to jump or seek to any point of a video without the need to download it first. Thirsty second spots are a no brainer, because Simian is super fast, but when you are presenting long form content, content that can be up to two hours long! Who wants to wait five minutes for the video to catch up (download) to the part you want to view? You know you don’t! Simian automatically detects when long format content is being presented and kicks in streaming capabilities. Just like that! Simply be sure to encode to MP4 or use the RTVE.

3. Present On The Go!

If you didn’t know that Simian offers an app for building, sending and tracking reels on the go … you do now.  Simian Go! lets you take your entire media and reel library on the road for presenting anytime and anywhere, right from your iOS device.

2. Send Presentations via Short Link

Ever wish you could send trackable Simian links right from your own email?  You can! Short links allow you to create trackable links and you can even give the short links labels, so you know exactly which short link was clicked and by whom.

1. Embed a Video Player

For every video that you upload to the Media Library; you can customize a video player for embedding on a web site, blog or press release. You can even embed an entire reel to create channels or playlists!


1. Know Which Scenes of a Video Were Watched, Re-watched or Skipped over

Ever wonder exactly which person has watched your presentation and tell exactly which spots and scenes they watched, re-watched or skipped over entirely?  Simian’s Heatmaps tell you exactly that as it happens! Real time info you can count on…. take that to the bank.

2. Automatically Encode Video

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. This thing rocks. Simian’s Real Time Video Encoding 2 (RTVE2) app encodes perfect video every time. If you haven’t downloaded this app I highly recommend doing so. If you are shaky (or even a little lazy) when it comes to encoding, then this is the tool for you.

3. Annotate on Video

Ever wish you could just draw directly on a video? Wish, granted! Simian’s killer collaboration features let you to draw and comment directly on video, so team members are always on the same page as their clients and stakeholders.

Well, that’s it for Part 2. I hope you’ve learned a few new things with these two installments and who knows, maybe we’ll do a few more because there’s a ton more to share!

Have another use for Simian that’s not listed here? Share it with us on Twitter or Facebook. It’s always cool to hear new and unique ways that Simian is working for you!

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