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Simian's Top Secret Features: Part 1

Posted By: Brian Atton on August 18, 2015

It’s no secret that Simian is one of the most powerful media sharing and presentation platforms available and features a plethora of benefits, but did you know that Simian also features a bevy of hidden gems that perhaps even the savviest Simian users aren’t aware of? Well, I’m spilling it all in this, part one of Simian’s list of Top Secret Features. Check ’em out, give them a try and work …smarter!
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The Great Divide: Advertising vs. Content Creators

Posted By: Jay Brooks on August 11, 2015

A few weeks ago, we attended our sixth Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. Over the past few years, the festival has slowly changed its dynamic, with this year exhibiting the most notable change.
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Create Video? 6 Reasons You Need Media Asset Management

Posted By: Heather Prather on August 5, 2015

Media Asset Management (MAM) holds the key to fast and effective video collaboration, sharing, review and approval and more...
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Reel Tips from Advertising Agency Producers

Posted By: Heather Prather on July 29, 2015

So that reel you’ve been working on is finally good to go. Awesome!
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Top 5 Tips for Selecting an IT Vendor

Posted By: Jay Brooks on June 29, 2015

As a SaaS provider, we rely on outside vendors for our infrastructure. Whether it be a cloud, co-lo, CDN or in-house platforms we’ve tried many with varying degrees of success and had to replace major components from time to time. Here are our top 5 tips based on what we’ve learned..
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Kim K or 4K?

Posted By: Jay Brooks on June 15, 2015

A few months back, the highly publicized pictures of Kim Kardashian where touted to “break the internet”. Well, we all know as bizarre and self-serving as the publicity stunt was, it really broke nothing except some eyeballs. However, 4K video on the other hand, just might...
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Is Your Coworker Actually an A-hole?

Posted By: Heather Prather on June 12, 2015

A-holes. We all know one and unfortunately, we've all worked with one...
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Where HBO's Silicon Valley Nails it... and Where it Kind of Misses

Posted By: Jay Brooks on June 4, 2015

As a tech company, Silicon Valley is on the top of our watch list. With its raunchy humor, candid look at tech giants and assessment of the startup game, it’s truly priceless viewing. If you have not seen it (and are not easily offended) you should. It’s a show that’s binge-watch-worthy...
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Top 9 Survival Tips for Cannes Lions 2015

Posted By: Brian Atton on June 1, 2015

It’s that time of year again! The Cannes Lions Advertising Festival is right around the corner and as a six-year Cannes veteran, I feel it is my civic duty to pass on lessons learned, along with other insightful information to help onboard newbies and enlighten crafty veterans on how to make the most of their week in the South of France...
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5 Simian Hacks for Executive Producers and Sales Reps

Posted By: Brian Atton on May 18, 2015

Ready for some insider tips? Below are the top five hacks that Executive Producers and Sales Reps can implement right now to bolster sales and increase production workflow with Simian...
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